Exploring Old Tom, London Dry, and Contemporary Gins: A Comparative Tasting

The world of gin is a diverse landscape with a multitude of styles, each with its own unique characteristics and history. From the classic juniper-forward profile of London Dry Gin to the slightly sweeter notes of Old Tom Gin and the innovative twists of contemporary gins, the options are endless.

Let’s start on a journey of exploration as we conduct a comparative tasting of Old Tom, London Dry, and Contemporary Gins, with a special focus on the intriguing realm of Apple Gin.

Old Tom Gin: A Glimpse into History

Old Tom Gin: A Glimpse into HistoryOld Tom Gin is a type that reminds us of the 18th century, a period when lots of people wanted gin. People sometimes call it the “missing piece” between the strong, juniper-flavoured gins from the old days and the smoother London Dry style that came after.

Characterised by a slightly sweeter profile than London Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin is known for its use of botanicals like licorice and sometimes even a touch of sugar, resulting in a smoother and more rounded flavour. The name “Old Tom” allegedly originated from the wooden plaques shaped like a cat (an “Old Tom”) that were mounted on the walls of pubs, serving as a discreet outlet for gin during times when gin production was restricted.

London Dry Gin: The Epitome of Tradition

When many people think of gin, they often envision the classic profile of London Dry Gin. This style emerged in the 19th century and remains one of the most popular and recognisable styles of gin today.

London Dry Gin is characterised by its predominant juniper flavour, balanced by a combination of botanicals like coriander, citrus peels, and spices. It’s known for its clean and crisp taste, making it a versatile base for cocktails. Despite its name, London Dry Gin doesn’t necessarily have to be produced in London; it refers to a specific production process and flavour profile.

Contemporary Gins: Innovation Unleashed

As the craft gin movement gained momentum, distillers began to experiment with botanicals and production methods, leading to the emergence of contemporary gins. These gins push the boundaries of tradition, often featuring unconventional ingredients that result in unique and exciting flavour profiles.

Contemporary gins can include a wide range of botanicals beyond the classic juniper, and they might be distilled in small batches using innovative techniques. From floral infusions to exotic spices, contemporary gins invite exploration and creativity.

Apple Gin: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Now, let’s turn our attention to Apple Gin—an embodiment of the spirit of innovation in the world of gin. Apple Gin takes inspiration from the classic and London Dry style while infusing a burst of apple essence into the mix. This contemporary twist adds a layer of fruity complexity to the traditional gin flavour profile.

With Apple Gin, you can expect the signature juniper-forward nature of gin, but with the added allure of crisp apple notes. The botanical interplay between the traditional gin ingredients and the apple infusion creates a harmonious fusion that’s both familiar and adventurous.

Comparative Tasting: A Flavour Odyssey

To truly appreciate the nuances of these gin styles, a comparative tasting is in order. Gather your preferred expressions of Old Tom, London Dry, Contemporary, and Apple Gins, and embark on a guided journey of exploration.

Old Tom Gin Tasting

  • Appearance: Notice the colour, clarity, and viscosity of the gin.
  • Aroma: Inhale the aromas of botanicals, sweetness, and any subtle spices.
  • Taste: Sip and let the slightly sweet and rounded flavour profile unfold on your palate.
  • Finish: Pay attention to the lingering notes and how they evolve.

London Dry Gin Tasting

  • Appearance: Observe the clarity and colour, which is often pale and crystal clear.
  • Aroma: Inhale the juniper-forward bouquet, accompanied by citrus and spices.
  • Taste: Savour the clean, crisp taste with juniper at the forefront.
  • Finish: Note the dry and brisk finish, which is characteristic of this style.

Contemporary Gin Tasting

  • Appearance: Take note of any unique colours or visual elements.
  • Aroma: Explore the diverse aromas that may include florals, spices, or exotic botanicals.
  • Taste: Embrace the unconventional flavour profile that might surprise and delight.
  • Finish: Consider how the flavours evolve and linger on your palate.

Apple Gin Tasting

  • Appearance: Observe any colour variations or hints of the apple infusion.
  • Aroma: Inhale the juniper and apple interplay, noting the balance of botanicals.
  • Taste: Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation as the apple notes complement the gin.
  • Finish: Reflect on the harmonious finish that blends classic gin characteristics with a touch of apple sweetness.

Elevate Your Exploration with Symphonia Spirits

The world of gin offers a captivating spectrum of flavours and styles, each with its own story to tell. As you embark on your tastingg journey, consider exploring the diverse selection of spirits offered by Symphonia.

Explore our selection of spirits including the intriguing and flavourful Apple Gin. Whether you’re drawn to the classic juniper profile of Irish Dry, the subtle sweetness of our Raspberry Gin Liqueur, or the adventurous spirit of our unique Apple Symphonia Spirits has something exceptional to offer.

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