Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards 2021

Symphonia Spirits receives coveted accolade at Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards 2021.

We are delighted to announce that  Symphonia Spirits have received a highly commended accolade at the prestigious Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards 2021.

The annual Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards, in partnership with Matthew Clark, aim to honour and commend businesses within the wider drinks industry who are leading the fight for sustainability and best business practice. Nominees can be from the soft drink or alcohol industry, and the competition is open to all operating in the hospitality and out of home arena:  whether they be brand, manufacturer, supply chain, distributor or operator.

The judging panel were  an eclectic mix of leading sustainability experts and directors within the drinks industry including David Basson (head of beverages at Nestle UK & Ireland) and Tom Fiennes (GB Commercial Sustainability Director, Britvic).

News of a nomination was well received by all of the Symphonia team, not least because 2021 had seen a record number of submissions. This had been strengthened by an unexpected rise within sustainability initiatives by brands during lockdown. Extensive work goes into choosing a brand within the drinks industry to be nominated, as the judging panel takes into account manufacturing processes, distribution, waste output and social sustainability as deciding factors when shortlisting brands. Whilst 2021 enjoyed a record number of submissions, the alcoholic drinks industry has had a complicated relationship with sustainability up to now, with few brands delivering the sustainable ethos Symphonia Spirits strives for.

Symphonia Spirits were shortlisted alongside brands such as Budweiser Brewing Group UK & I, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Brewdog,Fever Tree, Pernod Ricard and Innocent drinks.

To be selected for a highly commended badge  from a category of household names and heavyweights within the drinks industry is a huge honour for Symphonia, and a welcome appreciation of the hard work we have invested in becoming a sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly spirit. We hope to use this award as a stepping stone to positive and continued sustainability whilst delivering great taste and being an eco-efficient brand.

The judges were impressed by our commitment to lower energy consumption and said  “We have awarded the Highly Commended to an organisation that had reduced energy consumption of traditional distillation by 98%. Astounding, this is the type of inspirational innovation that gives us hope.”

Look out for our FDSA highly commended logo on our product range in future.

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