Irish Apple Gin


Small batch distilled dry gin handmade in Northern Ireland made with crisp, golden Bramley apples from County Armagh blended seamlessly with juniper, floral and herbal notes to create a refreshing fruit gin. Serve with tonic or in your favourite gin cocktail.


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Savour the Distinctive Fusion of Irish Apple Gin

Indulge in the symphony of flavours that is Symphonia’s Irish Apple Gin. Crafted with meticulous care in the heart of Northern Ireland, this small batch distilled dry gin offers a sensory journey like no other. Our signature blend combines the crisp, golden essence of Bramley apples from County Armagh with the harmonious infusion of juniper, floral, and herbal notes. The result is a refreshing fruit gin that captures the essence of both tradition and innovation.

Discover the Craftsmanship Behind Symphonia’s Apple Gin

Each bottle of Symphonia’s Apple Gin is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that go into our spirits. Our distillation process involves a delicate dance of selecting the finest ingredients, ensuring that every Bramley apple is ripe and bursting with flavour. As the apples are artfully blended with juniper and other botanicals, the result is a balanced yet complex profile that is both refreshing and full of character.

A Symphony of Tasting Notes

As you take your initial sip, your senses will be greeted by the vibrant and alluring fragrance of freshly harvested apples. This initiates a delightful symphony of tastes that gracefully pirouettes across your palate – the zesty sweetness of the apples seamlessly blends with the grounded notes of juniper, while understated floral and herbal nuances contribute intricate layers of depth. The result is a gin that is not only delightful on its own, but also versatile enough to elevate your favourite gin cocktails.

Elevate Your Gin Experience

Symphonia’s Apple Gin offers a unique twist on the classic gin experience. Its fruit-forward profile and refreshing nature make it a perfect companion for tonic water, creating a well-balanced and invigorating gin and tonic. Alternatively, let your creativity flow and experiment with crafting innovative gin cocktails that highlight the exquisite flavours of this special blend.

Embrace the Symphony of Flavours

In every bottle of Symphonia’s Apple Gin, you’ll find the passion, dedication, and innovation that define our brand. With each sip, you become a part of the symphony – a symphony of flavours, aromas, and experiences that transport you to the orchards of County Armagh. Whether you’re a gin enthusiast or someone who is seeking a unique and delightful spirit, our Apple Gin is a testament to the art of blending tradition with innovation.

Symphonia’s Irish Apple Gin is a celebration of the natural beauty and flavours that Ireland has to offer. With its harmonious blend of crisp apples, botanicals, and the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle, it’s a truly exceptional spirit that invites you to experience the symphony of flavours in every sip. Elevate your gin journey with Symphonia’s Apple Gin and let the symphony unfold on your palate.


Two Stars Great Taste Awards, Winner of Flavoured Gin Ireland – Gin Guide, IWSC Bronze, World Gin Awards Bronze,


Interesting golden straw colour with an intense Bramley apple aroma that leads into juniper. On tasting, the sour apple mingles with juniper nicely and ends with a very pleasing refreshing sweetness. Characterful and outstanding, a real pleasure.
Completely nailed the flavour balance and interest. Great Taste Awards Judge.

I like the Dry Gin in the range, but the apple gin, redolent of a good schnapps, is absolutely outstanding and utterly delicious – Fiona Beckett Wine and Spirits writer for the Guardian newspaper

A lovely gin, well presented and a pleasure to drink a flavoured gin that doesn’t overpower the attraction of gin in the first place – apple is subtle and pleasant aftertaste. Judge at the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards

If you’re looking for something different in the gin category, Symphonia delivers a fantastically innovative spirit. Not your typical gin, but great quality with a lip smacking flavour and a nice alcohol kick. Judge at the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards

Characterful and outstanding . A real pleasure – Judge, Irish Gin Awards.


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