Irish Apple Rum


Using our unique and sustainable Symphonia production methods where science works in tune with nature to produce a symphony of flavours, we take white rum from the sun kissed islands of the Caribbean and infuse it with local Jonagold apples grown in the orchard of Ireland, which nestles on the border of County Armagh and Tyrone.

To this heavenly mixture we add the essence of a local botanical that imparts the spicy flavours of nutmeg and cloves to the apples, making this golden spirit taste like apple pie in a glass.

We would recommend you try it neat on the rocks or along with lemonade and a garnish of pink grapefruit.


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Unveiling the Essence of Symphonia Irish Apple Rum

At Symphonia Spirits, we pride ourselves on marrying innovation and sustainability to create unparalleled spirits. Our Symphonia Irish Apple Rum is the embodiment of this commitment, a symphony of flavours that brings together the tropical allure of the Caribbean white rum and the crisp sweetness of locally grown Jonagold apples from the heart of Ireland. This unique blend is a testament to the delicate balance between science and nature.

Crafting the Perfect Harmony: Sustainable Symphonia Production

Our production methods are a work of art, where science and nature dance in harmony to yield a chorus of flavours that captivate the senses. We begin with the finest white rum sourced from the sun-kissed islands of the Caribbean, a foundation that sets the stage for the symphony to unfold.

Orchard Elegance: Nestled on the border of County Armagh and Tyrone lies our orchard—a sanctuary of Jonagold apple trees that bear witness to the changing seasons. These apples, meticulously nurtured by the Irish soil and climate, lend their distinct character to our Apple Rum. Their natural sweetness and vibrant notes become the heart of the symphony.

Local Botanical Infusion: To elevate this already enchanting blend, we introduce the essence of a local botanical. This botanical imparts the warm and inviting flavours of nutmeg and cloves to the apples, creating a harmonious fusion of spices that conjure memories of comfort and indulgence.

A Symphony of Taste: Apple Pie in a Glass

The result of our meticulous process is a golden elixir that embodies the very essence of apple pie. With every sip, you’ll experience a symphony of flavours that pay homage to the rustic comfort of a homemade dessert. The sweet, slightly tart apple notes intertwine with the rich warmth of spices, creating a taste that’s as familiar as it is exquisite.

Embrace the Symphony: Serving Suggestions

Symphonia Irish Apple Rum is a masterpiece meant to be savoured in various ways, each more delightful than the last.

Neat on the Rocks: Experience the pure symphony of flavours by sipping our Apple Rum neat, preferably over ice. Allow the layers of taste to unfold on your palate as you appreciate the complexities of this fine creation.

Lemonade Elevation: For a refreshing twist, pair our Apple Rum with lemonade. The crispness of the lemonade harmonises with the sweet apple and spicy nutmeg-clove notes, resulting in a concoction that’s both invigorating and indulgent.

Garnish of Delight: Elevate your Apple Rum experience with a garnish of pink grapefruit. The citrusy tang of the grapefruit complements the apple’s sweetness while adding another layer of complexity to the symphony.

Elevate Your Taste with Symphonia Apple Rum Today

Symphonia Irish Apple Rum is more than just a spirit; it’s a symphony waiting to be savoured. With every sip, you’re transported to the sun-soaked Caribbean shores and the lush Irish orchards, where nature and science come together to create a masterpiece of taste.

Indulge in the harmony of flavours with Symphonia Irish Apple Rum!


IWSC Bronze, Bronze World Rum Awards, One Star Great Taste Awards


There is something quite unique about this rum. The flavour profile could easily be overpowering, but instead is well balanced and creates a new drinking experience. Judge at the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards

Zesty citrus character with stone fruit notes. A touch of spice throughout. – IWSC Judge

Delicious – Great Taste Award Judges

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