Irish Apple Rum


Using our unique and sustainable symphonia production methods where science works in tune with nature to produce a symphony of flavours, we take white rum from the sun kissed islands of the caribbean and infuse it with local jonagold apples grown in the orchard of ireland, which nestles on the border of county armagh and tyrone.

To this heavenly mixture we add the essence of a local botanical that imparts the spicy flavours of nutmeg and cloves to the apples, making this golden spirit taste like apple pie in a glass.

We would recommend you try it neat on the rocks or along with lemonade and a garnish of pink grapefruit.


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IWSC Bronze, Bronze World Rum Awards, One Star Great Taste Awards


There is something quite unique about this rum. The flavour profile could easily be overpowering, but instead is well balanced and creates a new drinking experience. Judge at the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards

Zesty citrus character with stone fruit notes. A touch of spice throughout. – IWSC Judge

Delicious – Great Taste Award Judges

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