Our Story

Core Values


– The most authentic.


– Science led.


– Who share the same values


– Thinking ahead.

Capturing the
Essence of Life.

Remaining true to the purity of science and nature is at the heart of Symphonia’s ethos.

Because unusually, its founder and distiller Ric is also an organic chemist. His life has been spent studying the structure, and properties of molecules – searching for the essence of life.

It is how he revolutionised spirits production. And how Symphonia wins its awards.

He has enjoyed an impressive career in the pharmaceutical industry. With a PhD in Organic Chemistry and driven to use his talent for the greater good, he worked at the cutting edge of anti-viral innovation. On leaving that world, he turned to his other great passion, food and drink, applying his understanding of molecular science to gin – a drink originally invented by chemists.

Now with his own business, his aim is to be consistently mindful about how to reduce the company’s impact on energy and the earth’s natural resources.

In practise, it means harnessing science with nature to create the best tasting spirits possible, capturing the wonderful flavours and fragrances of botanicals in the most eco-efficient way.

It means making spirits that reflect the glory of the Northern Irish countryside. Our commitment to the region is deep: embracing the ‘giant spirit’, we live, work and create in the Orchard of Ireland. It is a rural landscape of rustic natural beauty, rugged coastlines, rolling green hills – and the wildest botanicals and herbs.

With its unique micro-climate, balmy winds of the Atlantic Gulf Stream, peaty soil and nearness to Lough Neagh freshwater lake, it is beautiful land and is much treasured.

Symphonia’s ethos also means giving something back to the country. It inspires, it is home, it is energy and with cutting-edge science it is the reason for our success.

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