Our Story

A Composition Of Science And Nature. Handcrafted In Benburb Northern Ireland

By using our knowledge of flavour molecules, each botanical is distilled in a bespoke process that retains flavours often lost during traditional distillation. Science turns to art as the various flavours are carefully balanced to make a series of unique compositions.

Symphonia is a range of handcrafted spirits, where each symphony will charm and fascinate, inspire and exhilarate.

Located in Benburb, The Woodlab Distillery combines selected natural ingredients and scientific processes to create the finest botanical spirits that showcase the Irish countryside.

Ric Dyer
Symphonia Gin Maker

Ric has a PhD in organic chemistry and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for thirty years.

In 2016 he decided to follow his other passion, food and drink, and use his knowledge of science and quality to produce an innovative series of spirits using ingredients from the local area, combined with cutting edge chemistry processes. Ric lives in the heart of rural Northern Ireland with his wife Fiona, dog Jasper and their cats and chickens.