Our Symphonia range is now in Randalstown and Antrim. Pop in to The Restaurant at The Black Bull in Randalstown and The Vintage Wine Merchants to enjoy your composition of choice.

IT’S great to see our handcrafted Irish gins getting into more and more establishments across Northern Ireland. It’s great news for us because more and more people get to enjoy our range of innovative Irish spirits.

We really enjoy getting out and about and meeting hoteliers, restaurateurs, bar owners and management of off-licences and of course we love meeting people who drink Symphonia.

Last week Ulrich sponsored an event for Friends of Maine who organised a gin evening at The Restaurant at The Black Bull Restaurant in Randalstown.

Friends of Maine consists of parents and guardians who volunteer to organise and run various social events or activities throughout the year to raise funds for their school and nursery.

These funds enable additional resources to be purchased outside of the normal school budget and the events also are aimed at encouraging a community spirit.

So, when they asked us if we would sponsor one of their social events, we were happy to oblige. They organised a gin evening in The Restaurant at The Black Bull in Randalstown and it was a great success.

The Restaurant at The Black Bull is a very cool restaurant offering modern Irish cuisine using only locally sourced produce. It has been described as ‘a hidden gem’ by its customers and ‘a bit of city dining on your doorstep’ due to the quality of the food being served from the pass.

As a result of the gin evening, we were thrilled when The Restaurant at The Black Bull and also The Vintage Wine Merchants said they would like to stock our Dry Gin, Apple Gin and Fruit Cup.

The Vintage Wine Merchants, which is an independent store established in 1975, is also now stocking our gins. These stores are fantastic and they provide a wide range of exciting and high-quality products, including wines, beers, ales and spirits.  The Vintage Wine Merchants aim to please each and every customer and so every product is specially selected by the management to ensure the highest standard.

Results all around!

So, if you are out and about in Randalstown or Antrim, you’ll find our range of handcrafted gins at either of these establishments.


Symphonia Gin - handcrafted Irish gin will be at Junipalooza 2019



  • Symphonia is a range of handcrafted Irish spirits celebrating produce grown in the Irish countryside. The sophisticated Dry Gin is of exquisite complexity. The crisp Apple Gin is made using Co Armagh Bramley Apples and the Fruit Cup is a delicious summer fruit spirit drink. Symphonia is distilled at The Woodlab Distillery by Dr Ulrich Dyer who uses cold distillation to preserve flavours which are lost during traditional distillation. 
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