Last month we wrote a feature on the Apple blossom on our apple trees and how it had really flourished this year.

Our Symphonia Apple Gin is made with crisp, golden Bramley apples sourced locally from county Armagh and so it’s important to realise what makes them so special.

This week as  the apples start to form we asked ourselves, “Why is Armagh the perfect landscape for Bramley Apples and what makes them so unique?”

This is what we found:

– The mild climate allows the apples to grow slower and so giving them time to acquire their unique taste and texture.

– The soil in Armagh is rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, and has a great supply of pure water.

– The slight slope in the landscape provides natural drainage for the apple trees, whilst being south-facing so that they are shielded from frost whilst giving maximum exposure to the sun.

– The hedgerows surrounding the orchards shield them from any wind, protecting the trees from damage.

– The expert pruning that comes only with the experience of locals ensures a high yield for their small trees.


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